How to capture the best photo on your phone

Almost everyone these days has a mobile phone. Mobile phones with inbuilt cameras have taken off in recent years. Some camera phones have quite amazing cameras with high specifications. Why not use your phone to take beautiful photos? This doesn’t mean that you replace your camera with a camera phone but, phones are incredibly handy and perfect for when you have left your camera at home and see that perfect photo opportunity.

Here are 5 simple steps on how you can take beautiful photos with your mobile phone.

1. Keep that lens clean.

The lens on your camera will be lucky enough to have a protective cover, the lens on your camera phone may not be so lucky! Your phone is often in your hand, in the bottom of a bag or left about where the lens is just collecting dust and grime. To get beautiful photographs from your camera phone, you need to first look after the lens. Here are two ways in which to keep that lens squeaky clean: Get your camera phone a cover, it’s good if you can take it off when taking a photo. This will minimise dirt getting to the lens when your phone is in your bag or not in use. Clean the lens. The ideal solution is not to get it dirty in the first place, but let’s face it, may be quite difficult. If you have a dusty lens take an earbud and gently clean the lens in a twisting motion.

2. Avoid digital Zoom.

Using digital zoom on your camera phone is a bad idea. Digital zoom works by cropping the image and then enlarging it, thus decreasing the quality of your photograph making the image much more pixelated. Some camera phones are now being sold that have optical zoom. Optical zoom works by enlarging the pixels meaning that the zoom will produce a crisper image to that of digital zoom.

Use ‘natural’ zoom, your feet and get close to what your photographing. Fill the frame. Camera phones tend to have low resolution making the subject seem very tiny and sometimes unrecognizable, so get close.

3. Hold still.

In low light the camera phone will set a slower shutter speed, this will increase camera shake, so it’s important to hold still. To help you hold the phone still, grip the phone tightly and lean your wrist or arm on something stable like a table or wall. This will help you keep the camera phone from moving when you’re taking a photograph.

Remember that when you take a photo using your camera phone, there is usually a time delay from your pressing the shutter to the photograph being taken. This delay is called shutter lag. You will need to hold still for a few extra seconds until the photo has been taken.

4. Give your photos a chance!

Remember the screen on your phone is smaller and not as good as the screen on your computer. If your memory allows, keep all your photos and look at them more carefully when you look at them on the computer. Shoot hundreds of photographs!

5. Light your subject well.

Make the most of natural light as not all camera phones have an inbuilt flash. If possible shoot outside. When shooting indoors, turn lights on to add more light.

If your phone doesn’t have a flash learn to use it when shooting in a bit bright light too as this can act as a flash.



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